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What's the best relaxer around to help me achieve superstar status hair without breaking the bank?

Smooth Touch® New Growth Relaxer Kit with Triple Strength Conditioner with Olive Oil contains an active ingredient that conditions the hair before, during and after the relaxer process, as it straightens hair faster. This means a more efficient relaxing process while providing less potential for irritation and over processing. For hair that's smooth to the touch, use Luster's Pink® brand Smooth Touch®.

Which Smooth Touch product will help me style my hair while giving me star-studded shine and protection?

Smooth Touch® Ready Set Glam™ Spritz & Shimmer 2-N-1 is perfect for today's trendy, hot styles. Plus, the product's natural ingredients also provide heat protection and conditioning to help hair look and feel its best.

I love the celebrity looks I see in magazines, but I want my hair to be touchable and full of movement as well, what do you recommend?

Smooth Touch® A Reason To Gloss® Shine Polish gives hair star-studded shimmer and shine without weighing it down. A Reason To Gloss® also protects hair from breakage caused by using flat irons and curling irons so hair stays healthy and manageable. You're a star. Shouldn't you shine like one?

What can I use to protect my hair from the daily stress of styling?

Smooth Touch® Hydration Vibe® Olive Oil Hair Lotion replenishes nutrients and moisture through a vitamin complex, including coconut and olive oils. Hydration Vibe® is great on relaxed and color-treated hair, braids and natural styles. Light enough to use when wrapping hair nightly.

My hair always seems to become dry and brittle throughout the week after styling, how do I keep it healthy, silky and shiny?

Smooth Touch® Go Glitz® Olive Oil Sheen Spray eliminates frizz and fly-away hair while protecting the hair from heat and over-styling. The Go Glitz® formula contains a special blend of shea butter, avocado and olive oil for silky smoothness that everybody wants to touch!
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